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Here at Cyclorama Projects, we design, manufacture, and install a range of high-quality cyclorama wall products into various business locations around Melbourne and surrounding areas throughout Victoria. We supply exceptional cyclorama wall products to businesses such as media studios, photography companies, theatre production companies, television studios, film production companies, and more. 

In-House Cyc Wall Manufacturing

Our cyclorama wall system is manufactured in-house using only the finest materials. We source our materials from highly reputable suppliers to ensure that we are getting the highest quality products.

Our in-house manufacturing team are highly qualified and have extensive experience in engineering cyclorama wall products. Our team engage strict quality control measures to ensure that the final product is up to the highest possible standard.

Working alongside our design team, our in-house manufacturers work to the specifications supplied by our designers to achieve the desired result. As we manufacture customised and fully-tailored products, high-quality manufacturing is a crucial part of the process.

Over time, we have refined our manufacturing process and can now supply high-quality cyclorama wall pieces within a fast turnaround timeframe. This speeds up the entire process from design, to install.

Benefits of manufacturing cyclorama products in-house


It is much simpler to contact our manufacturers as opposed to external manufacturers.


We can employ stricter quality control measures as we have full oversight.


We are able to rectify issues as they arrise quickly and easily.


Our manufacturing team is familiar with and communicates regularly with our designers and installation team.

Our manufacturing process

To create a cyc wall backdrop which mimics that of a green room or green screenwhite studioinfinity studio, infinity wall, infinity cyc or cyc infinity wall, the manufacturing process must be followed precisely.

Our process begins with the design team, who create high-quality drawings for the manufacturing process. Once the designers have finalised their drawings, we commence the next phase. We work to the specifications of the cyc design plans and data provided to us from our expert design team. We implement the measurements, customisations, and preferences supplied to create a product which is going to fit the proposed area perfectly. We frequently engage with our design and installation team, ensuring all stages of the process are developed according to the needs of the client. Once we have completed the customised manufacturing of cyclorama wall, we assess the products to ensure they meet our quality control requirements before handing them over to our installation team.

How long does cyclorama manufacturing take?

Depending on the type of product we are creating, the size of the space, and the specifications set out by the client; it could take anywhere between 3 – 5 days.

We aim to manufacture our cyc wall products as quickly as we can without reducing the quality of the product.

Upon initial consultation with the client, our team will provide an accurate timeframe from commencement to completion of the job. To find out more about our products, or chat with our friendly team, give us a call today.

How to build a cyclorama wall.

Well, we’re not going to spill our secrets and show you exactly how to build a cyclorama wall, but we can give you some tips that we use during the construction phase of our products. 

Firstly – use high-quality products. Using high-quality products will ensure that the results match your expectations. 

Secondly, consult with people in the business. Seeking out advice from people that work in the cyclorama manufacturing business will allow you to get the right information. 

Thirdly, skip all the fuss of building a cyclorama wall, and let us do it for you.

As professionals within the cyclorama wall manufacturing industry, take it from us, it’s not as easy as it looks! We have dedicated many hours of our time using trial and error to ensure that we are creating the very best cyclorama wall products on the market. We provide sound advice, extensive industry knowledge, and exceptionally cyc products to ensure that the result is precisely what you expect.

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Hip Kids

"I had Michael build our Cyclorama Studio last year. Michael was very easy to deal with, knowledgeable and this team's workmanship was great. I would definitely recommend Cyclorama Projects. David Directory HipKids"

Wirrim Media

"When we decided to open our production studio in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast in 2079 Wirrim Media consulted with Cyclorama Projects on all aspects of the cyclorama and green screen walls and the build. Michael flew to the Gold Coast and met with us at the studio site and provided expert advice on the design, the build. The project was built well within the time frame and the build quality was second to none. I would highly recommend Michael and his team to design and construct your cyclorama and green screen. When our clients see the cyclorama wall, which is 8 x 9 x 4.5 metre L shaped, it packs a WOW! factor."

LVM Enterprises

"We used cyclorama projects to build our cyclorama sound stage. We had a difficult brief as our project was half-finished from a previous builder. There were visible joint lines and it was a mess. Michael and his team came in and tried a variety of solutions until they solved it. Their dedication, passion and energy towards making it happen were refreshing. Use them with confidence."

Balloon Tree Productions

"Cyclorama Projects created a completely custom white cyclorama for our studio space, in a timely and efficient manner. They answered all our questions along the way and gave us advice after the build for keeping it in top shape. Would highly recommend."

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